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Adobe Capture: An App We Love

If you happen to have a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, we recommend downloading Adobe Capture to your mobile phone. It’s a great app that lets you create color schemes, brush patterns and more when the inspiration hits you. Simply snap a photo with your phone.

We often have to create color schemes, not just for finished spaces, but for presentations,and floor plans depicting room types and project proposals. Below is an example of a diagram we created for the Buncombe County Discovery Academy. We want the idea to resonate quickly with the client, and subtle decisions like colors can either aid or impede in communicating our idea.

Discovery Academy-Buncombe County-School-Process2We’ve looked to online resources and also created own color selections to help create coordinating color themes for presentations. Here’s another example: our competition boards for the 2012 Cleveland Competition. When it comes to color choices, it can be a daunting task.Blog-Post-ImagesBut now! With Adobe Capture, we can take a break from a walk at the Biltmore,


a hotel view of downtown Detroit,


or a recently completed project and get color inspiration.


Above are screen shots showing how easy the app is. You snap a picture, or select one from your library, and it automatically generates a 5 color scheme. You can select moods, such as bright, colorful and muted, and the color selections adjust. It’s that easy!

Creating color schemes is one just of the functions of the Adobe Capture…check it out!

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