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#Archweek15 Day 3: Kunle Adeyemi

We continue our post a day for National Architecture Week. Yesterday, we shared a video created by Charles and Ray Eames. Today, we’ll share another answer to the question:

How do architects and architecture impact and improve our daily lives?

Answer: Design as a Social Responsibility.

national-architecture-week-nleImage Credit
Kunle Adeyemi is looking at less than acceptable living conditions and figuring out a way to make improvements through architecture. The firm NLE shows us that creativity with regional materials and simple construction methods can easily over come low budgets.

A Project to Discuss: Makoko Floating School

This floating elementary school exists in an above water shanty town near Lagos, Nigeria. There are three stories to the triangular school, which is floating on plastic barrels. The lower level is the largest and acts as a community space when school isn’t in session. Overall, the school gives each student adequate space and access to daylight; two factors that improve one’s ability to learn. NLE hopes that this will become a prototype and help transform the water town to have buildings that offer more to the residents.

For more on Kunle and the floating schools, check out this video below.

“I am constantly inspired by solutions we discover in everyday life in the world’s developing cities.” -Kunle Adeyemi

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