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Archweek15 Day 4: BIG

We are halfway through National Architecture Week and continue to highlight architects who challenge the standard role of architecture. Today’s featured architect is no different. We are not shy about our fondness of this firm as you can read here and here.  Read below to find out yet one more way that architects impact our daily lives:

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Thinking Beyond Sustainability.

BIG finds opportunity to improve the environment, not just provide shelter. Firm Owner, Bjarke Ingels is transforming the definition of architect. The Danish design firm looks at a typical building proposal and elevates the project to be more and do more that just house people.

A Project to Discuss

 The-Waste-to-Energy Plant.  The team at BIG was asked to design a new power plant for the city of Copenhagen. They went beyond the traditional thinking of what a power plant is, and created a building that functions as a power plant and also a civic space.  The interior is a power plant and the roof is an artificial ski slope! The top of the mountain tower blows out giant ‘smoke rings’ every time 250 kilograms of CO2 is released as a reminder to residents of their carbon footprint.
Want to learn more? Check out this video below, or read up on the project here.

“The new plant is an example of what we at BIG call Hedonistic Sustainability – the idea that sustainability is not a burden, but that a sustainable city in fact can improve our quality of life. The Waste-to-Energy plant with a ski slope is the best example of a city and a building which is both ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.” -Bjarke Ingels

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