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#Archweek15 Day 5: Sam Mockbee & The Rural Studio

Keeping up with our post-a-day for National Architecture Week, here is day 5:

Q. How do architects and architecture impact and improve our daily lives?

 Design for the Community.


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Sam Mockbee demonstrates that good architecture can be available to everyone. As co-founder of the Rural Studio at Auburn University, Sam Mockbee (1944-2001) influenced a generation of designers to advocate that everyone, rich or poor, deserves the benefit of good design.

A Project to Discuss

Hale County Animal Shelter. Since 1997, the Rural Studio has created dozens of projects for rural Alabama. Students respect the history, culture, and people for whom they are designing. Mockbee and the Rural Studio honor the regionalism of design. In 2004, the Rural Studio recognized that good architecture can benefit the lives of animals as well as people. The Hale County Animal Shelter is constructed with every day materials and uses a simple form that results in quality daylight and living space for rescued cats and dogs. We love seeing good design for our furry friends!

There is a great film about the Sambo and the Rural Studio named Citizen Architect. If there is ever a viewing near you, make a point to watch it. This film will leave you absolutely inspired.

“…As an artist or an architect, I have the opportunity to address wrongs and try to correct them.”
– Sambo Mockbee

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