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What if Asheville had an Official Gateway?

A. It could be a symbol of a historic effort.AVL-Gateway-Triomphe

After all, Asheville is the Paris of the South, why not create our very own Arch de Triumph.

A. It could be a symbol of our expansion to (the) West (Asheville).AVL-Gateway-St-Louis

Let’s channel our inner Saarinen and create something that best represents our town.


A. It could be another hotel.


It’s certainly a popular building type to construct these days…

Where did we propose this Gateway?

We’re proposing a city gateway on the west end of Patton Avenue. Here’s why:

  1. A boulevard style connector between downtown and West Asheville has been proposed as part of the recently chosen 4B I-240 Connector Decision. This recent decision is largely regarded as a local success and certainly not without years and years of handwork of local Asheville residents. Why not celebrate it with a large gateway structure?
  2. The west end of Patton Avenue is arguably the beginning of downtown, and often the first impression. Currently, visitors and Ashevillians are met with a series of parking lots, car dealerships, and a not quite cohesive streetscape. A gateway could be a much more thoughtful first impression to downtown Asheville.
  3. This part of town is also a vehicular path to River Arts District and not too far from Montford. It’s a node worth noting.

What kind of gateway would you want to see?

 What is #WhatifWednesday?

Weekly, we explore the potential of Asheville; ranging from practical to plain radical. It’s no secret that our beloved city is quite a popular place. As it grows and changes, we propose topics for consideration to promote discussion about Asheville and Western North Carolina.

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