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What if the Biltmore hosted MomaPS2 (southern edition)?

A. The grounds would get a dose of modernism.

Biltmore-PS1-WIW lawn

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has hosted a Young Architects Program competition at their Queens courtyard for 16 years. It’s encouraged innovative temporary installations that take over the space for the summer.
Past winners become nationally renowned, and the designs foster innovation world wide. In fact, the YAP competition has gone international and exists 5 countries.

The PS1 winner for 2015, The Living, was featured as one of our architects to watch during Architecture Week last year. We still think it’s a great project; be sure to read all about it!

After a typical weekend visit walking around the beautifully manicured and maintained grounds at Biltmore, it became clear that the Italian Gardens would be a fantastic location for a PS1 competition, or rather PS2[southern edition]. The tall stone wall provides a sense of enclosure that is quite enjoyable. The ponds with flora and fauna would be a very fun element to incorporate into a design. And, of course, it would be fantastic to contrast formal design with contemporary innovations.Biltmore-PS1-Gardens

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