08.26.2014For Fun

Counting Collective

The official favorite college football team for SPARC Design is Clemson University. (refer to alma mater)  In honor of this week’s first game, we’re conducting an online experiment that involves you. Here is how you can be a part of it.

1. Take a good look at these photos. We’ve used only orange and purple Skittles (obviously) to fill this glass jar. The diameter of the jar is 3-3/8″.  What is the total number of Skittles in the jar?



skittles-in-jar2. Click on this link to take a 6 question survey. It will take less than a minute as long as you’ve got your guess!

3. Share it!  Let your friends enjoy the counting fun by posting on Facebook, Google+, etc or sharing in an email! Thanks in advance!

Be sure to check back next week for our graphic results.



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