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Modern House on Beaucatcher: Update Part 2

Last week we posted photos of the first four months of construction for the modern house on Beaucatcher Mountain that’s nearly complete. Here are some images of the finishes coming together.

Interior Insulation and Drywall

At the end of 2015, insulation and drywall were being put in place.  This is a huge shift in any construction project where spaces go from studs with openings to solid walls. Because the two story walls are 2x8s, this is a well insulated home.


This is a shot looking back at the kitchen wall and stairs. Scaffolding was a pretty critical player in installing drywall.


The windows facing the street are small and about six and a half feet above the driveway. The intent is to let sunlight and views of the sky in, but not allow any direct views from the outside in. It’s a pretty crowded street with lots of condo owners and renters walking and privacy is important.

One of the first warm days in late winter allowed us to check out the 8′ x 8′ sliding patio doors. It happened to reveal a very nice winter view of downtown and western mountains beyond.


Exterior Siding, Trim, and Paint

Meanwhile, the outside received 5″ hardipanel siding, which results in a 4″ horizontal pattern. The design was kept simple with trim around the windows, doors and corners. The intention was to paint it all the same to create a monolithic look.


Selecting exterior paint is no easy task! The idea was to select a very dark gray, blue or black color. We bought 3 sample cans and painted our top picks in a few places around the exterior. In the end, we selected Sherwin Williams Inkwell and are really happy with the final product. In the sunlight, it has a very navy blue tint and in shadow, pretty much black.


The front door was an opportunity for a fun color. As mentioned before, the street frontage is not quite a neighborhood, so privacy was important. A solid door with Benjamin Moore Bahaman Sea Blue did the trick!


View of the north elevation.One benefit of a heavily wooded lot is that the southern and western sides will be shaded from direct sunlight in the warm summer months.


Interior Details

Here is a detail of our typical door jambs and wall base after being painted (floor protection is still in place). While we love the look of a modern reveal at the base, the budget and future cat (or should we say stray cat hairs sure to be trapped in said reveal) supported a more simple 1×2, painted glossy. We did use a j-mold reveal at our 4 interior doors. The finished product is a very clean look to go with the minimal wall trim.


Hardwood floors are 4″ white oak #1. Once they were laid down, it was a good opportunity to use some old construction drawings and see what size furniture would be ideal. The floors were eventually stained a gray color and vary from cool to warm depending on if direct sunlight is hitting them.

The house interior paint colors are simple and white. One of the reasons is to allow for incredible color and light to come through from the natural setting, much like this lovely March sunset. The house also has a fan from Big Ass Fans. What’s not to love about a 7′ diameter fan?


Closet space for any modest 2 bedroom home is critical. The Elfa system from the Container Store provides an effective solution that’s a bit beyond the standard closet rod. In both rooms, the closets are doorless for easy access, and it’s up to the home owners to keep it clean and tidy. Below is a closet system for a soon-to-be baby room.


This is the master bedroom closet.


One focal piece for this home is a wood burning stove. This modern Jotul actually provides enough heat output for 1,200 square feet. The logs are placed more upright, camp fire style, and can be viewed from 3 sides. The glass pad under the stove is a code requirement and will protect the wood floor from any embers. Both items were acquired through Black Mountain Stove and Chimney.


The kitchen is a 12′-10″ counter that runs parallel and open with the main living and dining space. The cabinets and dishwasher are Ikea and will have a high gloss white finish when the blue protective sheet is removed. The Corian countertops are beautifully done by Tim’s Custom Installation. The backsplash is not fully grouted in this photo, but is a 3×12 high gloss textural tile, New Yorker, provided by Crossville. There will be two 12″ custom steel shelves that run the full length of the kitchen to house plates, glasses and other kitchen pieces.


The bathroom vanity and sinks are Ikea too. Ikea = modern look with an affordable price tag.


Crossville tile was used for both full bathrooms. The floors are 6 x 24 Shades by Crossville and the walls are 4×8 vertical Color by Numbers by Crossville. The tile is finished with Schluter pieces, such as the linear tile-able drain (Did you find it? It’s hiding.) and edge pieces. This shower will be finished with a glass panel and door.


Some of the first furnishings to be placed are the all important pantry shelves. With the house being 1,200 square feet total, organized and thoughtful storage are critical. It’s also a nice image of the finished floors and petite 1/2 bath under the stairs.


Exterior Details

Some of the final exterior details in place: exterior lights, house numbers and deck and driveway railing. We worked with Iron Maiden Studios, Inc. to create a modern railing. Our initial design concept was to use cable railing, however, the main deck is about 20′ above the ground below and something sturdy was in order. In addition, the cost of 180 linear feet of cable railing left the budget a little wounded. We designed this steel tube and farm panel system and Iron Maiden measured, crafted, welded, and painted it beautifully. The final deck railing will have a locust drink rail with tube lights to create a fun outdoor space.


This is a seldom seen view from the bottom of the property looking at the west elevation. The steel deck rails for the upper most balcony are in place (and sturdy!). The basement is currently unfinished but has the potential to be a guest suite or short term rental in the future.


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