515 Residence

Asheville, NC

Faced with a complex site, the main approach for the 515 Residence was decidedly simple: encourage a modern minimal lifestyle. The owners desired a home that balanced spatial functionality with open living space to create a retreat-like feel. An emphasis on indoor/outdoor living and respecting the steep, largely wooded site contributed to the overall design solution.

The steep site required a compact multi-story approach. Site placement was important to minimize the removal of trees and minimize disturbance of the land. The exterior was approached with a minimal aesthetic. Simple materials and a dark color scheme allow the home to blend into its surroundings and minimize its visual impact on the mountain. A bridged driveway allows for minimal disturbance of the topography.

Programmatically the house is divided into 3 levels. The entry level consists of a lofted space containing a guest bedroom, bath, and office area. The kitchen and living space, and master bedroom are sunk below the primary entrance to encourage privacy, giving the feeling of a home deep in the woods. The lower level consists of a guest suite and utility / storage space. The plan allows for open living and a blurring of indoor and outdoor space. Square footage is prioritized in living spaces while bedrooms and bathrooms have a more efficient layout.

Photography by Creative Cargo Company.

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Services Rendered

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