A Modern Dog Bed


A modern dog bed was designed and fabricated for the AIA Asheville Bow-Wowhaus live auction. SPARC created a design that would fit for the smaller dog (or cat) that appreciates modern design.  We first gathered canine lifestyle tips from dog owners with experience. We learned that dogs prefer being close to their owners, like to be elevated, and enjoy resting places inside homes where they can be ‘watch dogs’. We chose to stay small to allow the owner to move the bed from one room to the other. As we sketched out ideas, a pattern started to emerge; a nest, an egg.

The design was kept very simple and evolved to be constructed out of unique layers of 1/2” MDF that were cut with a CNC Router. We collaborated with Forest Millwork to have the pieces cut.

The final design touches included a non-toxic paint, a cushioned seat with houndstooth pattern and two dog toys.

Services Rendered

Services Rendered