Fairy Tale Competition

Hosted by Blank Space

Although this was not a typical design competition, the work was just as challenging. The requirement was to create, write and produce visuals for an architectural fairy tale. The aim of the competition is to utilize the typical tools and drawing techniques of architects to convey a unique fairy tale.

Our story tackled the classic fairy tale themes of “journey” and “transformation”. Our character wanders through different environments and realizes that he is physically altered due to his experiences and interactions with different materials, scales and textures. To us, this is not unlike the power that architecture and design can have on our lives.

We utilized perspective collage techniques as well as subtle line work to create a continuous section cut through the fairy tale. We were grateful to Kara Uhl, a friend and incredible writer, for brainstorming with us and providing feedback.

There were over 1,200 participants and the winners are truly amazing. To check them out, click here.

Services Rendered

Services Rendered