Discovery Academy


Buncombe County Schools was in the middle of design of the Discovery Academy, a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school when they reached out to SPARC Design to help with interpretive and wayfinding signage.  The client wanted creative ideas for graphics and innovative signage that would reflect the curriculum and bolster school spirit.

First, SPARC identified areas that could serve both as ad-hoc way finding system that were also educational moments.  Super graphics were proposed along walls of corridors that depicted historical science achievements and other notable figures in this field.  The wall graphics would help to inform students and visitors where they were within the school.  Other opportunities included the two shipping containers used as interior collaborative spaces.  These were termed by the school as the “Think Tank”. SPARC took this idea and came up with a design for the volumes that would reflect the left brain and right brain.

A room signage system was developed that allowed for flexibility with magnetized room names for the Discovery Academy.  The room names would be carried by individual teachers so each room could be taken as a classroom.  The tags included QR codes that could link to the teachers curriculum, course description, or recent projects. In this way, the signage truly integrates to the mission of the school by collaborating, sharing and providing opportunities for creativity.

Services Rendered

Services Rendered