Outside In House


As part of a green home design competition, SPARC designed the Outside In House, a 1600 square foot modern home on a wooded lake lot. The home owners are a married couple with an appreciation for nature and the desire to have a low-maintenance and energy efficient home.  Their personal hobbies include reading poetry, painting and gardening.

The two-story home provides a compact footprint that minimizes disturbance to the natural setting along the lake.  With the small footprint, the challenge to provide enough storage was solved with the design of a storage chord.  This design element runs the length and height of the house and features all of the kitchen, office, bedroom, and bathroom storage needs.  Coupled with a large open floor plan for entertaining, the exterior walls are filled with windows to achieve a connection to the natural surroundings.

The home would not be occupied year-round, therefore, low-maintenance materials and systems were proposed.  Large overhangs were provided on the south side to provide shading during the summer months but allow passive solar strategies in the winter.

Services Rendered

Services Rendered