Room & Wayfinding Signs


Five of the seven high schools within the Buncombe County School system were in need of upgraded room and wayfinding signage. The existing directional signs were too few and all sign types were varied in appearance and functionality. SPARC Design worked with facilities staff to develop a way finding strategy that unifies the schools while addressing the individuality of each high school.

The design uses color to help with way finding; this is a simple and effective approach.  Classrooms and breakout areas were depicted as a particular color, while administrative offices and service rooms were depicted as another.  This color strategy is to be common throughout the high schools and lets visitors, parents, and students easily recognize room typologies.  School colors were used with the larger directional signage elements as well as any large assembly areas.

Many of the classrooms and offices required the name of the room and user to change.  The design incorporated a template for a paper insert that each user can simply make changes, print, and replace it.  This added a much needed flexibility while maintaining consistency with the rest of the signs.

In addition, directional signage extends outside with new aluminum traffic signs indicating locations of main public areas, such as the front entrance, gymnasium, and cafeteria.

Services Rendered

Services Rendered