Why work with SPARC Design

Do I need an architect or a designer? As architects, we are committed to the investigation of real-world opportunities and how they translate into architecture.  With SPARC Design, our clients see these opportunities clearly outlined with a strategy for success that is easily identified and measured.  We understand each project is unique and requires an approach that contains a high-level of rigor and exploration to synthesize complex information.  It is this concept that serves as our fundamental principle bringing both clarity and value to the design process; turning ideas into architecture.


Architecture carefully considers design conditions like program, scope, site, budget, community, connectivity, technology, materials, sustainability, and user-experience.  We work with our clients to transform these conditions into architecture that specifically meets their needs and responds to its environment.  This approach creates an open and scalable platform for continued exploration of our client’s primary architectural concerns and identifies those intrinsic design opportunities.


The principals of SPARC Design provide a project delivery method that reflects their combined experiences in the design and construction industry.  With backgrounds largely in public architecture they found success in applying a proven process to the private sector.  They have found clients appreciate a transparent and complete design process that is met with a high level of rigor and collaboration.  All three principals contribute unique qualities, creating a design firm that is knowledgeable and creative that brings value to any architectural project.

Lindsey Rhoden, AIA LEED AP
Research Specialist

Lindsey joined SPARC Design as a founding principal with the goal of providing a service that reflects a modernized profession.  Originally from Ohio, she received her Bachelors of Arts in Architecture from Miami University.  After finishing her Master’s at Clemson University, she transitioned into a lead role as Aldi Grocery Store’s prototype designer.  Relocating to Asheville in 2006, she has learned the value in community focused design and well crafted research.  Lindsey was featured in the Asheville publication, Verve, as one of Asheville’s 30 under 30.

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Thad Rhoden, AIA
Technical Review

Thad joined SPARC Design bringing an appreciation for the technical aspects of the profession.  After finishing school at Clemson University, he started his career in forensics architecture learning value in quality design.  Since moving to Asheville in 2005, he has been active in the community serving on the local AIA Board as President, while collaborating on non-profit events like HATCHfest, CANstruction, and BowWowHaus.  His passion for quality and process has translated well to an unexpected hobby, BBQ, where he enjoys a well smoked pork shoulder.

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Peyton Shumate, LEED AP
Creative Manager

Peyton joined SPARC Design bringing a high-level of design and creativity to the architectural process.  In his last year at Clemson University’s Masters program, he was selected as runner-up for the St. Petersburg Prize in Architecture as well as having his thesis published in Script as part of the 2005 Beyond Media Festival in Florence, Italy.  He has called Asheville home since 2005 and has embraced the community’s passion for art and music.  This passion can be seen at the office where he keeps a guitar at his desk.

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